Concrete stumps or timber stumps?

Concrete stumps and timber stumps are by far the most common materials used in stump supported subfloor structures across Melbourne. But which product is best for your home or project?

The obvious problem with timber stumps

Many older homes are still sitting on timber stumps and have stood the test of time. Timber has been used for building homes since the dawn of time, the material is versatile, easy to work with and readily available. Many homes in Melbourne are built on beautiful red gum posts. However, when it comes to timber stumps there are 2 main issues that may impact the structural stability of your home over time. Rot and termite damage. As you can see in the photo above, the old hardwood timber posts are prone to rot over time. Being an organic and natural material, the moisture in the ground eventually breaks down the timber, taking away stability from your subfloor. Whilst timber is a perfectly fine building product for your subfloor, we believe concrete stumps are a better alternative, offering long term benefits.

Why are concrete stumps better?

We may be a little bias at Procast, but we believe concrete stumps are the superior option when it comes to building your subfloor structure on stumps. 1. Concrete stumps are built from stable materials Australia's weather extremes dramatically impacts soil conditions under your home from season to season. Our concrete stumps (build from 40mpa concrete) offer a greater level of stability than timber. They don't expand or contract, and don't take on moisture. As a result, they last longer in the ground. 2. Concrete doesn't rot as easily as timber When installed correctly, concrete stumps can survive decades in the ground. Concrete holds together well in dry or humid conditions and are not susceptible to rot like timber stumps or posts. They don't absorb or hold moisture, and they don't expand or contract. 3. Termites aren't into concrete stumps Concrete isn't on the termite menu, which is good news for your structure! Termites can have a devastating impact on your home. For this reason alone, it's not worth the risk of building on timber posts. 4. Concrete stumps are fire resistant Concrete as a product is non-combustible. As a result, concrete stumps offer greater resistance to fire, making your structure safer. When it comes to building your home, deck or extension on stumps we strongly recommend using concrete stumps. They're not an expensive product when compared to other materials in your build, however they play a huge part in ensuring the long term stability and strength of your structure.